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Safe and Effective Structures for Your Team

Scaffolding is a temporary structure used to support construction crews and materials to perform construction/maintenance tasks at various heights. PIC primarily uses pin lock style scaffolding on our projects unless a different style is requested. The pin lock system is a safe and proven type of scaffolding used throughout the industrial industry. Our knowledgeable and experienced crews will quickly mobilize and have your work platforms built safely and effectively.

Our crew will install all safety components such as guardrails, safety swing gates, ladders, and toe boards. Once the erection is complete it undergoes a full inspection by a certified foreman and is tagged for use according to OSHA guidelines. No matter what challenges your job may have, PIC will find a safe and effective solution to your needs.

There are several types of scaffolding that can be built depending on the challenges your project brings. Some of those include:

scaffolding pic

We also build several different types of enclosures, including:

  • Blast and Paint Enclosures
  • Work Hooch
  • Temporary Shelter/Storage

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