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PIC Launches New Site, Builds on Unique Experience

Rodney Lang, founder and president of Performance Insulation Contractors Inc., started his industrial insulation journey in 1986, working as a helper for J&S Insulators at ExxonMobil’s refinery in Baytown, Texas. As time went on, Lang moved up the ranks from a journeyman to a manager. Shortly into his management career, Lang was promoted to superintendent, where he supervised large capital projects and turnarounds. In 1999, Lang decided to take a chance on himself and the dream to start his own soft craft company. Using his strong work ethic and determination, Lang turned a dream into a reality and launched Performance Insulation Contractors Inc., also known as PIC.

PIC specializes in industrial insulation (cold and hot service), removable insulation blankets, scaffolding, sand blasting and painting, shop coatings, touch-up painting, steam tracing, heat tracing and fireproofing.

“We are always readily available to meet our customers’ needs and requirements,” Lang said. “We take pride in meeting with customers directly and answering all their questions concerning current projects. Our flat corporate structure permits us to quickly communicate the necessary information throughout our management team. This quick and effective communication allows us to make the necessary decisions to meet our clients’ needs and project schedules in an expedient fashion.”

PIC realizes that every project, regardless of size, is important to customers.

“No matter the size of the project, we accept the job and put both feet forward,” said R.J. Lang, vice president of PIC. “The quality of our work is always the first thing a customer notices, and we have not lost sight of that. We approach every job as if we are the customer who is paying the bill. This is what sets us apart from our competition.”

In February 2021, PIC built a new shop and office in LaPorte, Texas, to better serve its customers. With an expanded laydown yard and larger shop, PIC is now more equipped to handle larger and more diverse projects.

Another unique characteristic of PIC is it consists of employees who have many years of experience in the soft craft industry. Within its management team, PIC has approximately 100 years of combined construction and industrial experience. PIC Construction Manager Jesse Rodriguez has 35 years of experience in the soft craft industry, which consists of both hands-on and management skills. PIC Scaffolding Manager Servando Garza has specialized in his craft for almost 20 years and has several more years of experience in insulation and steam tracing. John Hernandez, business development manager and as a project manager, has 20 years of experience in the modular skid fabrication and ASME vessel field. Joey Perry, safety manager, has over 25 years of experience overseeing large capital projects and jobs. Perry makes sure safety standards are met and exceeded.

PIC’s combined years of industry experience add value to any project the company becomes involved in. PIC believes there is always a safer and faster way to achieve customers’ goals, and the company is always willing to make suggestions and assist to ensure each project will run smoothly. PIC will not only meet customers’ expectations but exceed them.

“We separate ourselves from most with a respectful group of office staff, including operation managers and estimators,” Hernandez said. “The amount of support and trust provided within our group has led to strong teamwork and the integrity of the company. We have demonstrated our success with PIC’s steady growth and stable business for over 19 years.”

Within the past couple of years, customer insulation specifications have become more defined. Therefore, PIC understands the “devil is in the details” and tries to eliminate all questions and concerns before a project begins.

“Nobody likes a surprise, especially when hundreds of man-hours and thousands of dollars of materials are involved,” Hernandez said. “Our attention to the details and focus on strong asset management have helped us gain the confidence of many fabrication customers as well as large EPC companies. We are constantly meeting amongst our management team to discuss different industry practices to bring value and expertise to every client.”

PIC also holds a low safety incident rating and continuously communicates the importance of safety throughout all departments of the company. PIC is a proud member of ISNetworld, Avetta, HASC and many more third-party safety organizations. In recent news, PIC received an award from the Texas Mutual Insurance Co. for workplace safety. This demonstrates PIC’s commitment to creating and maintaining a safe work environment.

“Whether it’s in or out of the office, safety is our top priority,” Perry said. “We ensure our employees have the latest safety products available to them, and we want everyone to make it home safely to their families at the end of each workday.”

PIC is excited to announce it has launched a new website and is ready to assist customers with their soft craft needs in Houston and the surrounding areas.

For more information, visit or call (281) 471-9900.

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